Anwar Chowdhury

“What we do here is not just about chemicals. It is about knowing that what we create become products, which are useful and beneficial for people in their daily lives. This knowledge makes my work meaningful.”

Anwar Chowdhury

Manufacturing Leader

Anwar Chowdhury supervises the overall manufacturing activities at DSC, which includes scheduling, receiving, producing, and then shipping to the customer’s door. With a team of approximately 30 staff, he demonstrates his leadership skills through his capacity for developing relationships with people at all levels of the organization. “You have to get to know people,” he says, “being approachable means people are not afraid to ask questions. It opens peoples minds and thinking ability, which is critical in the work we do. As a supervisor, I have nothing to lose by helping my staff to do their job in the best possible way”.

A long-time employee at DSC, Anwar brings a keen ability for knowing the best ways to scale up from small volumes, taking into account faster turnaround in manufacturing, inventory, finance and budgeting priorities. “I’m routinely called upon for my analytical skills, “he says, “to see if the results make sense.”

Anwar is passionate about the practical relationship of the materials and chemicals manufactured under his guidance. Instead of viewing the products as chemicals, he appreciates how their impact can improve everyday life, and when used in pharmaceuticals, for example, combat diseases. “Knowing this gives my work credit beyond just a financial gain,” he says.

  • Ph. D, Chemistry, University of North London, 1997

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