Caroline Schweitzer

“Human develop is co-equal with financial return. I want to help turn DSC into an excellent company by anyone’s standards— a place where people come to work and are able to develop themselves to their fullest potential.”

Caroline Schweitzer

Chief Operating Officer

Since starting at DSC as a PhD student over 20 years ago, Caroline Schweitzer continues to be an integral part of DSC’s growth. With her keen mind for structure and organization, she’s directed the evolution of the company’s procedures, systems, processes and operating structures. As the company grew, she’s taken on various key roles in the development and oversight of DSC’s quality standards, operating structures, internal processes, systems and regulatory responsibilities, including the implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Since 2014, Caroline’s been leading the senior management team mandated to transform DSC into a deliberately developmental organization, what she refers to as “an excellent, safe, profitable, good business.” A major part of her responsibility is to change the company governance to a combination hierarchical and communal structure. Her analytical skills combined with her ability to encourage and motivate people are a tremendous asset as the company sets its vision for the next 3-5 years.

"I want human development built into every aspect of the work at DSC,” she says, “the opportunity is here for anyone who works with us.”

Caroline’s ability to see the big picture is serving DSC well as it works toward its triple bottom line goal.

“I’ve always had the ability to see operations as a whole, rather than its individual parts,” explains Caroline, “This is a key concept at a time when the company is transforming itself into a model where everyone works for the company, not a department.”

  • Ph. D. Organometallic Chemistry, University of Toronto, 1993

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