Sarah Robinson

“The concept of what we’re doing here at DSC resonates with me tremendously. We’re developing the company to release greater human potential; it’s a model for business but also a general approach for life.”

Sarah Robinson

Operations Leader

As a self-described “systems thinker,” Sarah oversees operations at DSC, where she works as both engineer and maintenance team leader. Initially hired as a process engineer, she quickly proved her skills in plant supervision and commissioning. Describing all systems at DSC as “person dependent”, Sarah enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to work on structures, systems and processes directed at making the entire company into what she refers to as a “well oiled machine”.

The mandate to transform the company into a deliberately developmental organization is a cause close to Sarah’s heart. “I absolutely love what we’re doing,” she says, “We have a company that wants to develop its people in a very whole way, and it’s a model that has been proven to work in other industries. The idea of releasing human potential in order to have sustainability built right into the model is awesome.”

Before coming to DSC, Sarah worked as a research and process engineer at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, where she made valuable contributions in chemical R&D, process development, standard operating procedures, inventions disclosures and patent applications.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, 1999
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (DFSS)

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