Scott Laneman

“I have a leadership role in the direction of the science we’re doing at DSC. When we’re developing something new (i.e. a synthetic route), I make sure we ask ourselves, does it meet with our principles as a company?”

Scott Laneman

Chief Scientific Officer

Scott Laneman brings a proven ability for providing both analysis and advice on the strategy behind the science at DSC from various points of view—environment, safety, feasibility, and cost effectiveness. As DSC moves toward a triple bottom line, his perspective and counsel is critical to the direction of the company.

Scott has worked at DSC since 2004. He’s always been fascinated by the “What if?" questions of chemistry, a pursuit that hasn’t changed over the years. In his current role, he directs both the R&D and process development teams; leading the development of new products, and the discovery of cost effective synthetic alternatives to new and existing products. A key part of his role involves the seamless transition of new processes, troubleshooting support for production, and continually weighing in on the safety and environmental aspects of what is being considered.

Prior to joining DSC, Scott held positions as senior researcher at global companies such as Monsanto, Great Lakes Chemical Co, and Albany Molecular Research. His work has always focused on discovery, process development, and scaling up, while keeping the quality and safety of the science front and centre. He’s co-authored 40 publications, 8 patents, and 3 book chapters in chemistry.

Scott’s strong sense of community is demonstrated in his commitment to running clinics to young and old, in Chicago.

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Louisiana State University, 1990
  • ACS Certified

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